Tuesday, June 26, 2012

South Africa!

South Africa, my home away from home... Having lived here for eight years it always feels like coming home when i step out of the airplane and run into the waiting arms of my family. It's always in that moment that I realise how much I actually missed them and how much I actually missed South Africa. Having moved back to Holland when I was sixteen it was just something I did, not something I really thought about. I was looking for excitement and a place where my dreams of becoming a dancer would turn into a reality. Holland could give me both those things. It's only now, being a bit older and wiser that I realise just how much influence South Africa has had on me. I miss my family more than I can describe but there is something else that will always keep me connected with this beautiful country. I guess it is something that you will only fully understand after having lived here cause most people ask me how I could stand the gates, the crime and being surrounded by so many poor people. But South Africa is about more than that. It's about different cultures, beautiful red earth and mountains, a wonderful warm sun and amazing, interesting people. Having been surrounded by these things for so many years I've learned that it will never get out of your system, it will always pull at you and you will always want you to go back at least once a year. Just to smell and feel South Africa.
Being here now after a couple of stressful months, a few heartbreaks and graduation behind me all I can do is feel incredibly happy and lucky that I'm fortunate enough to have parents who decided to take a huge leap and move with five kids to Africa...

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  1. The days we spent in South Africa were some of the best we've had so far! Africa has this magic way of almost calling you back - That's why all the Westervelds keep going back x