Saturday, April 21, 2012

Audition Time

So as a professional dancer I have learned that you actually spend more time auditioning for parts than actually dancing in them. Today was one of those days again, and this time is was for Disneyland Paris! 
Seeing as I've always loved Paris, really want to learn French and don't really have anything else planned for the coming months I thought, why not! 
We started the day of with 200 people, all different shapes and sizes and everyone had to be measured and put into groups. 
After a power point presentaion on disney and what was expected of us, the 'real' audition started. 
The audition was made up of three rounds. The first round we had to act as a cowboy, pirate, dwarf, villain, princess and end with a happy bright bubbly smiling waving version of yourself. 
Thank god i got through this round, don't ask me how, cause i felt like a complete idiot! After that we were asked to do a dance combination. This usually wouldn't stress me out but as we were still left with 120 people, i could hardly see what the choreographer was doing... Luckily my pick up is good so after working my way to the front i had everything under control again ;) 

And jeej, i passed this round aswell! 
Finally they started putting us into three different groups, the costume characters, the parade dancers and the characters that would be acted out by the dancers/performers. I was put into the last group and we were told that we had to wait cause our audition wasn't over yet! The fun was only starting cause we were selected to get transformed into the disney characters.
After a long day, lots of rounds and stressy moments i am proud to tell you that i got accepted as a costume character, parade dancer and as the villain of all villains:  Cruella de Ville!!


  1. Cool An! Mijn favoriete disneyfilm!

    1. Die van mij ook :) ook de eerste film die ik ooit gekeken heb ik de bios! It's a sign! haha