Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love for Joosje!

There a a few things in life that really make me happy. Vintage shopping is one of them. Yes i can all hear you thinking, wow superficial whatever happened to world peace, but I'm just being honest. For me spending hours on a market searching through piles of clothes that other people call old or costumes ,makes me happy. Finding that one special item or that one dress that you didn't even know you missed until you found it... It has something to do with the hunt, the charge, and finally, strutting around Amsterdam in that one of a kind item, pure bliss! 
Alright I'll be honest, that sounds pretty superficial! But there is another reason why i love vintage shopping. Its not about spending money, it's not about showing of what you have. I love knowing that i can make something fun and me out of that old piece of clothing, i love wearing my grandmothers old skirts and my mothers tight black pencil skirt. I love giving something a second life, making something out of it. Making something out of someone else's hand me downs. 
One of the things I love about Amsterdam is that you have a lot vintage stores. One of my favourite is called, Joosje (Spuistraat 62 H). They have everything from bags, shoes, earrings and all the kind of clothes you van imagine. The people that work there are always willing to help or lend a creative idea to make an outfit work. The clothes i find there i can't imagine them being anyone's trash, but even if they are, they now are my treasure... Let me know what you think of them! 

Jeans: Levi 501
Blouse: Somewhere in France, must admit i totally see me walking around Paris in it!
Scarf: It used to be my godmothers

Flower skirt/pants: Can't find a label, thank you to the person with great style  for passing them along! 

This was love at first sight!
Silk Jumpsuit: Yessica 

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  1. Love love LOVE the jumpsuit! Looks like it was made for you :)